Natural Gas Hits 10-Year Lows – And It's Still Not Time To Buy


  • china fans


    I read your analysis every day. Each chapter is fantastic.

    Could you make some analysis on spot Gold, because I am trading it right now, and have met some problems.

  • Lumir

    Thank you very much for this analysis. Im long at the moment which is a not good feeling. THX L.

  • chauhan mufazal

    hi sir thanks for your invaluable charts,
    as per your wave counting c’s 5th will be finished at 1.985 but its finished at 1.888
    as per your books rules “any two wave can be equiel”
    the c of 3 and 5 are retearce nearly same. the 5 th also subdivide equal,
    we are courently at 2.07$
    very fast recovery, its bottom out or not? any way i am out with nice 10% in two days
    thank for your charts

    • Hi Chauhan, Congratulations. Just bear in mind that Elliott Waves are supposed to guide our trading. We cannot command the market to stop at a particular point. I am glad to note that my book Five Waves to Financial Fortune is helping you.

  • Nikki

    Hi Ramki,
    I’d love to know what is your view on NG now that it’s hit your target and bounced back. I can’t seem to find a bigger EW picture of it to understand where it’d go next. how do we know if it is bottomed or not, or is the 50% or 62% retracement a reasonable place to short? thanks in advance.
    BTW, I just got your book & can’t wait to start the exciting learning experience.

    • Hi Nikki, welcome aboard. Once you finish the book you will be able to make more informed decisions! Let NG wait till then. There are always more opportunities around. Gd luck

  • Nikki

    Dear Ramki,
    I’m thrilled to hear from you. It’ll take me more than a few days to learn EW & perhaps a life time to be as good as yourself (if possible at all;-) so I’d love to hear your thoughts/bigger picture on NG meantime, but I also understand you are very busy & can’t answer every question from millions of readers like me.
    kind regards

  • Nikki

    Dear Ramki,
    It’s been a while since you published your EW analysis on natural gas, and NG has bottomed right at your target & reversed!!! so as it appears to. I’d love to hear your update if possible. The rally from April 21 seems to be impulsive, but I have no clue if we are in some sort of ABC or starting a new trend?:)
    any comment would be greatly appreciated…..

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