Nifty, Tata Motors, ICICI and SBI outlook Ramki on CNBC

Hello folks,

CNBC India reached out to discuss the outlook for Nifty, Tata Motors, ICICI and SBI. Here is the link for that:

Trading is all about listening to the clues that the market sends us, and taking appropriate action. A few weeks ago, when I was in NYC, I had mentioned that we will likely get a bounce from 8080 or 100 points below that. We did get a recovery, but the personality of that recovery clearly indicated that it was not the real thing. The next level where I might get interested in discussed in the video you see in the link. Good luck.


  • BJ

    Hi Ramki,

    Good to see you on the show. What is your invalidation point for the thesis that the 5th UP wave is still pending? How deep should the current leg go down?.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi BJ
      That point is too far away to be of any use right now. The way I will trade this is to position at key levels and watch the recovery to see if it validates my hypothesis. If it doesn’t, I will know well in advance and will have ample time to exit.

  • waseem

    Recently, I bought your ebook( five ways) on amazon and found quite helpful.
    I also watch ur interview on cnbc on 11th june, in which u stated that nifty will give bounce till 8420 ( at that time nifty was around 7950) Which is likely to happen right at the moment. My request u is to post nifty chart on ur blog. So that we can practically understand the movements of complex correction going on this time.
    Best regards.

  • waseem

    Hi Ramki Sir,
    In ur book u have written that if wave A is zigzag then probability is wave B will be flat, my query is that happening with nifty this time. It could be better understood, if ur goodself post the ongoing complex correction chart of nifty.
    Best regards.

  • Sujay

    Hello Ramki Sir- I am thankful for your book and this website. This is helping all traders/investor friends in a big way. I am new to EW but find your book very helpful and to the point with lot of practical examples. Finally I found something which makes sense to me in market. Reading your book 2nd time now.

    I have reviewed my own investment portfolio with EW and taking steps accordingly.

    However, I need your guidance with 1 particular stock which is in my portfolio and I am not able to decide whether it has finished its 3rd or 5th wave from long term perspective. Stock is Berger Paint (NSE symbol:BERGEPAINT). Currently I am in 60% profit and was looking to hold for 2/3 years more.

    Thank you again for your guidance.


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