Prepare for the unexpected in EUR/USD

Ramki’s latest Elliott Wave analysis of the EUR/USD appears in Marketwatch today


  • Luca

    Hi Ramki,

    thank you for your new Euro analysis.
    I have a question. I’m learning, and it’s interesting to say this, the markets unfolds before us and that Elliot Wave analysis it’s a live process.

    The market is a continuous stream of information. We already have information and there’s a continuous stream of new incoming information.
    So, I’m curious to understand what new incoming information, if you’re a ware of it, made you come up with this new reading of the market.

    Thank you!


    • Hi Luca, thanks for your comments. I wrote this analysis over the weekend and had no additional information other than the chart. Infact I did nt read the Sunday newspaper either! All of it comes from using Elliott Waves as it should be. These methods are all explained in my book FWTFF.

  • Shiva

    Hi Ramki,

    Amazing analysis, and I am still struggling with the fib retracements as you mentioned in the last post 🙂

    For the EUR/USD forecast does the final ABC have to look like the one you have shown or can’t it be a flat? The correction from May 2011 to Aug 2011 was a complex correction, and is there a possibility for the current correction to look the same way. Can you give more insight on how you decided on this one?


    • Hi Shiva, A complex correction can take whatever shape it wants, and there will always be changes from prior patterns, even if it is only slightly different. What I am trying to show readers is the general direction of movements in the coming days, down, up nicley and down big way. We saw a down yesterday, from 1.3380 to 1.3270, for example!


    Hi Ramki Sir, I just wanted to ask you from where 1.3770 target is obtained for wave-B of EURO-USD. Is it 71% retracement of wave-A and or wave-1 terminus of wave-A?

  • dmrfx

    Hi! Ramki
    1.3770 possible ,a perfect diamond formation

    • Hi Dmrfx, Must confess I am not a great fan of that formation! Besides, these formations are confirmed only after they are completed and could change shape midway.

  • Ajoy

    It took ten months for Eur/Usd to finally come around to head for completion of Wave E.

    Good Job! Ramki.

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