How can Ramki help you?

I can help you in two ways. (1) Teach you everything that I know on how to use Elliott Waves to make consistent profits in the financial markets and (2) Give you the opportunity to consult directly with me when you are either stuck with an existing position, or you are contemplating a large fresh trade.

My online Elliott Wave Course is one of a kind. It is packed with over 15 hours of case studies that will let you experience a variety of market situations, and how one could exploit the opportunities that are presented. We all know that no two trades are ever the same. And this is precisely why you will find my unique approach to trading so compelling. My vision is to leave a permanent mark on the Elliott Wave landscape. Anyone who desires to learn how to anticipate low-risk trading opportunities will now have an authoritative, easy to access and affordable resource.

The Consulting option is meant for those who need an independent, unbiased analysis of an instrument of their choice, whether it be in the Stock Market, Bonds, Interest Rates, Foreign Exchange or Commodities markets. Now you can speak directly and confidentially with a highly experienced, qualified markets’ professional, to understand exactly where we are in the cycle, and what is the best way to navigate the market from that point in time.