1. Hi Ramki,
    You look well rested in the interview vid, I trust you had a great vacation with family. Welcome home!

    Have you considered my request for a hard copy of your book? I would be happy to print it myself if Amazon allowed buyers to have a PDF version!

    I enjoy your work so much at some point I guess I’ll have to spend evenings in front of a computer, after spending the entire work day in front of one, in order to learn from your book. (Reference earlier post regarding: charts do not upsize on my Kindle Touch, but they are large enough to see easily on Amazon’s Kindle Reader computer app.)

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!
    Dave King

    1. Hi Dave, I am still in NYK and will return home this weekend. I haven’t forgotten your request. Need to figure out a way to help people like you. Please give me some more time. Thanks for writing.

  2. Hi Ramki
    You looked good in the video. Am really impressed by the APPl & BHP predictions by you. I wish you start teaching the wave theory thro a series of webinars. Can you please think abaout it? Any plans of visiting Detroit?

    Best Regards

  3. Your video from June regarding buying Facebook below $20 doesn’t apply here am i correct. The fifth wave was completed on the 6th of June so perhaps we are in a complex correction wave 4 currently. You wouldn’t buy any here would you?

  4. Hello sir, I’ve been following your articles for awhile now. Am wondering if you can do some webinars on Elliott Wave for the proud owners of “Five Wave To Financial Freedom.” I am a new EW user and would be very happy to learn from you in the future Sir.

    Thanks and regards from Malaysia,

    1. Mihir, The secret is the pic was taken about 10 years ago 🙂 but by God’s grace, I am still doing alright!

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