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Hello Folks,

This is something that I have been considering for a while. Take a look, and let me know what you think:

P.S. I promised the web designer that he will have a worldwide audience! Do let me know if you like the design. Ofcourse, some of you are SEO experts, and might come up with new ideas (which I will gratefully accept)


  • santosh joseph

    The website looks good. I like it.

  • vincent mei

    Cool design with style, like it very much.

  • luca

    hihi Dott. Ram,
    professional website



  • Dev Rajadhikary

    The website looks really cool especially the your snap is eye catching !!!
    I once again thanks for the book you provided to small traders like us and slowly improving the counts reading.

    Thanks a tonne sir !!!!

  • zizo

    Hi Sir

    Congratulations. The website looks great, and I hope this will help your reputation.
    Any updates about the new book?


  • jayesh

    very nice sir. I am sure it will create NEW WAVES. Good Luck.

  • Jose

    Hi Ramki
    Simple and accurate design. I would just improve the colours, they look to me kind of old fashioned…but it looks great!

  • Moz


    Why don’t you quit your job and do this full time. Help others achieve success with full focus.

    Website looks good. Nice work.


  • Great crisp looking site.
    btw Im following Aud/$ Do you think we have one more high in the D leg of the triangle or have we commenced the first half of the E leg.

  • ziad

    Yes Ramki it is time to move forward…..Remember

    I think the website design looks good for the time being and with time passage we can always modify it anytime.

    I am sure now you are on the right track my dear friend

  • paul

    Ramki, can you please post where you think we are in the us markets and precious metals? Thanks.

  • Rajeev Juneja

    Its good indeed.

    But If I may be allowed a suggestion from the aesthetics point of view :
    In case you replace the black background behind your photo to some shade of blue and lighten the color shades of the 5 boxes: Elliot , Subscribe etc I think it would look better.
    Thank you so much for sharing a lot with us. A lot of us in India also follow you.. I think a huge following so we love to receive some of your views on the Indian markets too.

    May the Lord Grace you…

    Best Regards

  • K.Murali Prasad

    Hi Ramki,
    Good Design

  • PatternSolver

    Hi Ram,
    A neat and a catchy site !
    Regarding S&P, i concur with you that another high to be made and then the fall starts but tend to disagree that this fall will head towards 1070.. As of now, i think fall is limited to 1240 and reverse up from 1240 range with another wave to new highs and only then collapse towards 1040 starts……..
    Same view withe the DAX, a slight new high above 7200 now and tank to just below the June lows of5915 towards 5700 and then reverse up to new highs.
    A few trivial suggestions……
    ( I have copied these suggestions about the site elsewhere because they are invaluable. Thank you Pattern Solver. Ramki)

  • looks nice but you should note that search engines can not see dynamic content … so there must be a balance between static and dynamic.

    All the best.

    I do have your book but never got the chance to finish it.

  • Chip Hill

    Hi there Ramki,

    I’d advise featuring your latest chart with full analysis on your splash page. A smaller picture of you in the lower right. And a pick list column down the left side of tradeables where a click would take you to those charts. While you’re definitely a handsome analyst, we come to see the analysis. And the quicker we can get to it, the more often we will visit.


    • Hello Chip, Thank you for writing. It sure feels good when someone says you are handsome. However, the website is not like my blog. There will be infrequent updates here, and I will probably also signal it on wavetimes.com. But you have nice ideas, and thank you for shaing them with me.

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