Randgold Trade closed with a gain of 12%-22%

I present you with some of the charts that the members of our Exclusive Club were privy to while they made over 12% without too much sweat.

I had sent an email notification to ACTIVE members, i.e. those who had at least 1 unit left in their account, on 21 November 2016:

” You can log in to the website and access the idea for a charge of 1 unit. I will be posting updates when the time is right. We are looking for 18% to 20% or more in this trade, but I will be with you for the first 7% from here.”

The case was made for the trade with the charts in this link:


Subsequently, members were shown the possibility of a dip to $67 levels and were urged to buy more there.

Below are some of the more recent comments that members received:

On 30 Dec 2016


And today, 6 Dec 2017




wave 4 in RandGold
wave 4 in RandGold






  • Malik Imran

    Well explained. Thank you!!!


  • Sam

    Dear Ramki, I bought your ebook ‘Five Waves to Financial Freedom” way back when and also downloaded a subsequent update to it. The BEST $10, I have ever spent – the knowledge I have gained from this tiny price is worth its weight in gold. I have subsequently added to my knowledge from other sources, but the original is still valid. I only have notes I made from the ebook and do not have access to the ebook anymore. I might buy it again, just for keeps sake.

    A question, please. In the book you have said to the effect that “the correction that happens after a 5 wave move will be larger than either wave 2 or wave 4”. I have always had a question and have not found an answer anywhere on the big net. The question is. by “larger” do you mean in magnitude only or also in time, please?

    I would sincerely appreciate your guidance on this.

    Thanks, Sam

    • Ramki Ramakrishnan

      Sam, By larger, I mean both in time and distance. Also, it can take the larger distance from one of the 2 corrections and the longer duration from the other correction.

  • Thank you very much, Ramki. Much appreciated. It has been four or more years since I bought your ebook, made tons of notes and studied time and time again. Out there on the internet, there is so much fallacy with regards to EWT. My main source of study has been my notes from your book, reinforced with the archived chart analysis in your blog. Has stood me in good stead. Very best regards, Sam.

    • Ramki Ramakrishnan

      Sam, I am very glad that FWTFF remains a useful reference book. Perhaps you might consider posting a review on Amazon.com!

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