Recent Activity In Members’ Area

There are many ways that WaveTimes members take advantage of what I have to offer.

(a) They approach me for an individual consultation concerning an existing or proposed trade or investment

(b) I offer members a set of charts that was used in (a) above

(c) Members subscribe to specific trade ideas where I offer advice on low-risk trades from planning to entry and finally exit

(d) Seminars and workshops around the world on how to trade using Elliott Waves (contact me if you would like to organize a seminar in your city)

The following is a list of recent activity in December 2016

  2. MCX Zinc
  3. Comex Copper
  4. TASI Index of Saudi Arabia
  5. India’s Nifty Index
  6. USD/INR Medium Term & short term outlook
  7. 10-Year US Treasury Note Yield
  8. USD/XAG (silver cash)
  9. USD/SGD (Singapore dollar)
  10. NYMEX Crude Oil

November 2016 (last few days).

  1. Consultation on Comex Copper
  2. Consultation on a US stock
  3. Consultation on EUR/USD and EUR/INR
  4. Consultation on USD/SGD
  5. Consultation on Comex Gold
  6. Discussion on Aurobindo Pharma (an Indian stock)
  7. Nifty Chart Pack outlining the short and medium term outlook
  8. A new trade idea covering a US stock (ADR) where we are seeking an 18% return

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