Elliott Wave Seminar


The next Elliott Wave workshop will be held at Bangalore, India on Sunday, 11 November 2018




One of the most highly regarded Elliott Wave practitioners, Ramki Ramakrishnan, is occasionally available to conduct a 2 or 3-day seminar on how to transform your trading. It is not difficult to see why Ramki’s seminars are so popular among traders. From 1989, he has been sharing his trading ideas with a world-wide audience that includes dealers from every major money center bank, hedge fund managers and high net worth individuals.




Ramki has trained dealers even from Central Banks. What fascinates people is Ramki’s uncanny ability to anticipate key market levels using his techniques. His seminars are not only interesting, but participants come away enriched and armed with skills that they can use from day one.




If you would like a 1-day workshop to be held in your city, please send an email to Ramki @



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