S&P500 Elliott Wave update


  1. Hi Ramki,

    Thanks to your visionary charts and advice I am short June SPX from 857 and it already a free trade (moved s/l to entry) so lets see how it goes at £10 per point spread bet

  2. I wonder about your thoughts on trading this move using ETF or ETN’s? I realize, there are no stops.
    What is the ideal vehicle? I’m not familiar with your preferences. Thanks for this terrific site, for all your kind energy. A breath of fresh air!

    1. Hi John, I think SPY is a great way to trade the index. It is very liquid, and behaves quite techically too. For now, I see some supports at 83 level, and would prefer to wait for 87 before I will consider selling. There is a slight chance for 89 before down. Target between 76.50 and 78.00. Good luck.

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