Three Rules of Elliott Wave Principle Explained

3 Rules of Elliott Wave Principle Explained

There are three rules of Elliott Wave Principle that are important. Anyone who has read the Elliott Wave Theory knows about these 3 rules. But did you know how to interpret them? Did anyone teach you about the exceptions to the rule?  Do you know how you can turn a knowledge of these Elliott Wave rules to your benefit in actual trading?

Well, the numerous real-life and recent case studies in my online Elliott Wave course “How to profit from Elliott Waves” teaches you all these and more. There are over 14 hours of outstanding videos recorded in high definition that will make you a better trader. The first three modules of that Elliott Wave Training Program teaches you the theory.

The video you are about to watch here is just one section of that course. Here you will see how I explain the three rules of the Elliott Wave Principle. Compare this explanation with anything else you see on the web, or even in Udemy, and you will know what you are missing.

A sound understanding of the Elliott Wave Theory is a first step, and my introductory book, “Five Waves to Financial Freedom” helps you in that. However, to transform your trading and become a consistently profitable trader, you need to learn how to USE your knowledge of the Elliott Wave Theory. This course teaches you exactly that. The case studies from around the world and from different financial markets such as Foreign Exchange, Equities and Commodities ensures that your knowledge is complete. I demonstrate how you could use my techniques whether you are an intraday trader or a medium term investor. You owe it to yourself to take your understanding of the Elliott Wave Principle to the next level.

Check out just this one video where I explain the three rules of Elliott Wave Principle. The online course is packed with valuable information.

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  1. hello Ramki Ramakrishnan

    I have a question while taking the video.

    In the s&p500 day chart

    How do you interpret the long downtrend movement
    between Days 2-20 and Days 3-24 caused by Corona?

    It doesn’t seem to fit the Elliott theory.

    If you reply, I will be very happy.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi KKS83, I have labeled that as a wave 4 in the bigger picture. I do suggest that you start focusing on how to trade rather than getting stuck up with a wave count that could and usually does change with time. My online course will help you, if you decide. Good luck.

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