Trading and training of the Will

“To aggressively pursue opportunity and equally aggressively refrain from risk when opportunity is not present requires a highly developed Will. We train ourselves for our careers, and we train ourselves physically. Rarely, however, do we train the Will and cultivate our capacity to act with purpose and intent.” Dr. Brett Steenbarger.
There are many good blogs out there in the web, but Traderfeed ranks high. Take a look, and you may wish to review his posts every few days. His posts often leave you thinking about your recent trades. Here is the link.

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  1. Great men do as they will…..lesser men do as they must. Unfortunately, I do not know how I came by this inspirational quote.

      1. From a novel: Angel of Darkness by Caleb Carr. I haven’t read it, just searched for it.

        Thank you Ramki for your blogs and site info.

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