What is possible with Elliott Wave Analysis!

For new comers to the show, the magic of Elliott Wave Analysis is fascinating. The experienced players, they know that nothing works like Elliott Wave Analysis. If you wish to change the way you trade, and take low risk positions, then you have come to the right spot.

Today, I wish to share with you a bunch of charts I prepared for a dear friend, Bob, a couple of days back. Quite truthfully, I have never heard of this ticker before that. ASA Gold and Precious Metals is a closed fund. Look at each chart and the comments carefully. See how at every turn the Wave Principle was respected. It is possible for you to apply these methods to just about any instrument, whether it is stock, commodity, futures or forex. There are hundred of examples elsewhere in Wavetimes that you can browse at your own pace and see the endlsess possibilities if you incorporate Elliott Wave Analysis in your trading. Enjoy, and share.

The charts on the right go down from the latest hourly charts to the weekly charts. I have also indicated towards the end how I think the next big moves will unfold. Feel free to comment. For those on Twitter, this is a great opportunity to introduce your friends to Wavetimes. Look at the Raves section on top, and you will see the kind of people who have been following these comments for the last 20 plus years.


  • Majed


    what about Saudi Arabia Market (TASI ) SABIC , please , we still waiting for your charts

  • abhinavjain

    great work sir…… realy pleasure to have your views………

  • zaid

    Hello sir its really wonderful to see elliott wave analysis in practice. Sir, I have been learning ewa from past one month I had some doubts in corrections ie once the five wave up move is over and when we get a next downward 5 wave move in the reverse direction can that be considered as end of correction or is it A then followed by B and C where wave C should be at lest equal to wave A.

    • Welcome aboard Zaid, it depends on whether the first five wave movement was the end of a C wave in itself. Bcos then the new 5 waves will either be a 3rd wave or 5th wave. Best for you to read a standard book carefully again and come back to wave times for real life examples. Good luck

  • rajesh

    sir,crude update is required.has c down started?

  • Robert Dreslinski

    As you so aptly projected, ASA rallied to $31.67 (within $0.45 of your projected X-wave) and has since declined to $20.60. Point & Figure charts are indicating a price low (near term) of $19, and I myself using EW analysis, in conjunction with your “Five Waves to Financial Freedom” have calculated a $17.76 to $18.70 potential low. What should we expect in the near term Dear Ramki, once we meet those price targets? ASA may very well predict the future price movement of GOLD.

    • HI Bob, You would have probably guessed that after I write about something, I move on and seldom remember what I wrote! I keep looking at it only if I have my own position 🙂 I will take a look at ASA and if it warrants a trade.

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