Why Forex Traders Tend To Lose Money

Ramki’s article on the above subject using Elliott Wave analysis of the EURUSD appears in MarketWatch.


  • Ankur Aditya

    Ramki sir,
    I have tried to draw a chart which represent nifty on 10 min basis. My only request you to pls correct me if u found my approach wrong in wave counts. Also requesting all friends on this platform, pls leave comments and also share views…

  • meyah

    could you update the GOLD chart.
    we have been waiting for such a long time.

  • RKG

    Superb call again Ram. 1.2589 high so far, and the upmove is laborious.

  • Karan Chetan

    Hi Ramki,

    It seems as though that the EURUSD has broken through the 38.2% retracement and is heading for the 50% retracement. (which is around ~1.2767)

    Is there any way we can analyse the correction and find out its possible end point?



  • Trevor

    The Euro looks sets to finish at 1.2858, its now @ 1.2794 the (double zig zag?)

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