Jai Ho! Nifty reached 4800!

Jai Ho! Nifty reaches 4800! (Thanks to Vidhan for the catchy comment) This is a moment of elation for all those who believe in Elliott Wave Analysis, and how one can use it to profitably trade the financial markets. I think I did 5 posts in all about the Nifty, starting with this one:
Dec 14, 2010 update and then pin pointed that once we break below 6069, we are all set. See this link..

If you really benefitted from these examples, maybe you can tell as many of your friends as possible about Wave Times. I really believe that by sharing what we have, especially if it is information and knowledge, we are doing our bit to make this world a better place. Best wishes, and to all my Indian friends, Jai Ho!

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  1. congrats! I was following your call and waited till today. Do you still see downside or we are done for some time now?

  2. Hi Sir,
    Congrats! finally Nifty reached ur said target. Please let’s know the next observation of the Nifty; can one starts buying or averaging…

    Many Thanx!

  3. Really Wonderful !!! Sir have learned a lot from the posts and have suggest wavetimes.com to many people. Sir people like me who is new to Elliottwave also get good knowledge by your posts. Now very eagerly waiting for your book. With thanks and full faith, Keyur

  4. Hi Ramki Sir,

    Great analysis !

    You had written in one of your post that at 4800 you will look forward to start investing in Indian market. Is the time has come ?

    Still there are people (EW analyst and pattern analyst) who are expecting Nifty to fall anywhere close to 4500 and upto 4100 .

    What are the sign of reversal we should look for ?

    Thanks and looking forward to your upcoming book.

  5. Please add the link to your most recent posting (July 11 2011) also to the article htp://www.wavetimes.com/indias-nsei-outlook/#comment-9829 – this gives a very convincing picture.

    Do you thing this Nifty downward target of 4800 would have been achieved irrespective of the debt crisis in Europe and USA?



  6. Hello Sir …

    Tons Of Wishes For Ur Target …Cant Express My Feelings —At My Home i Always Tell Abt Ur Views –I Say U are GOD Of Technical Field —Personally A BIG Family Fan is Here With me !!Thnx For Ur Views

    Manoj Kumar

  7. Sir
    I was fortunate to attend ca seminar in Kuwait last year where u spoke about Elliot waves analysis. Even though it sounded confusing I started visiting your site often. I’ve gained a lot by following your analysis on Indian stock markets especially nse. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

  8. Thanks for keeping many traders/investors informed as to where Nifty would be headed to (4800) well in advance. I think Nifty still has to complete a Wave 5 of 5 as part of Wave A. Possibility of it coming down to 4700 exists, which was the beginning of the Wave 5 during bull run on Feb 05,2011. Awaiting your feedback.

  9. Nifty appears to be highly oversold and I am expecting a 300+ point rally from 4800 levels(1000 dme & 38.2% retracement)……I am long in 5100 & 5200 calls so that I can go short on this expected bounce back. I still expect 4300 levels next month.

  10. Vanakkam Ramki sir,

    please take some milk kova (sweet) finally come to 4800 level , All people expected what next move?.As per my analysis some relief rally up to 5350 to 5400 range , after that market move down to below 4350.

    i am expecting your analysis as soon as possible.

    advance thanks


  11. With ref. to my previous post dated 20.08.11 Nifty 300 point bounce back is happening although from 4720 lows instead of expected 4800 levels. This is the time to build shorts gradually .My target of 4300-4400 based on gartley pattern remains intact.

  12. Dear Mr Ramki ,
    It has been a real pleasure to read your vital inputs on indian indices. I am interested in buying hard cover edition of your book . Can you pls help me with the same . I am based in India.

    1. Hi Raju, thanks for your comment. The book is only available in digital edition because of the cross-references inside, something which readers find immensely useful. Besides, with on purchase you will b able to read it in six different devices including PC, phone, iPad etc. The book is available in India in both kindle format as well as adobe digital edition

  13. Resp. Sir;
    I am reading your book.You have done a great job.This book of your’s would go a long way in the annals!Things seem to be easier now.Congratulations !

  14. Dear Mr. Ramki

    Thank you for promoting the book in digital edition at such a low price and explaining the EW principle in a lucid manner.

    A must read in this uncertain market.


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