This page gives you evidence of traders and hedge fund managers from leading international banks personally contacting me for my advice on financial markets. You will see that these traders come from literally every major bank and from every corner of the world . Why would Central Banks call me to train their dealers? Why would the global heads of Foreign Exchange or Commodities business reach out for my views? It is because I have developed a keen understanding of how financial markets work. It is not just superior technical analysis, but market experience that makes a difference in what I offer. I offer a strategy that specifically deals with your problems. Having run the dealing room of a large bank, and having worked with billionaire investors and hedge funds, I know what matters to you. After leaving my full-time position as the Treasury Manager of a bank, I am now selectively accepting consulting engagements. Let us meet to discuss how your company could benefit from what I have to offer. If you wish to remain an anonymous individual, seeking a one-off consultation, that too is possible. In this case, you should check out https://wavetimes.net/consulting/

 Here are the Reuter conversations I mentioned above:







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  1. Sir last time you were in India, there was an interview on CNBC wherein you where very bullish on reliance communication and Orchid Pharma.

    Any views now, on the same

    1. Dhanmesh,
      It is true that I was bullish and there were some trades on the exclusive club that made us decent money. Afterwards, it became evident that especially RCOM was going to be in a prolonged down spell, and all trades were closed. IN the business of investing and trading, nothing is ever cast in stone. Any analysis is for the current period and once the analysis has served its purpose, we move on. Also, wave counts are a tool in the hands of the trader. They are not the answer to how companies’ fortunes will turn, as these depend on a variety of factors such as competitive environment, debt level, interest rates, management quality and integrity etc etc

  2. I am Thai Full Time Trader and used Elloitt Wave for analysis stock and Option in Thai Stock Market . How can I become a member of your Exclusive Club?

    1. Hello Apiruk,
      You will see a link “Become a member” at the top of the home page of wavetimes.com. Click on that and you will get more information. Also read the FAQ page.

  3. I have enrolled for the elliott wave training program and so far it is going good.

    I wish to know more about the credit system of your wavetimes subscription as I did not understand the meaning of “Credits”. An amount for a purchase of 2 credits – does it mean that we would get 2 recommendations ?

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